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Quick Response has been a vendor for CSX and Norfolk Southern for over 20 years. We have provided many services at any time and at any location. We have all required safety Certifications and proper PPE to perform any job whether on the rail or in the yard.

Quick Response offers track cleaning services. Utilizing a vast fleet of Hi Rail Equipment, we can quickly and efficiently remove a variety of materials, wet and dry, from rails and switches on the line of road or within a yard.

Quick Response has also specifically designed a piece of equipment that quickly and efficiently transfers product from damaged or derailed cars without damaging the material.


  • E-Rail Certified
  • On-Track Safety Training Certified (CSX and Norfolk Southern)
  • Yard Spill Containment
  • Derailment Services
  • Load Transfers
  • Treatment Plant Management
  • Fuel Relocation
  • Environmental equipment washing
  • Spill response, oil pick-up
CSX Rail Road Services